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Abowyer Whitetail II


Right Bevel Shown

All broadheads are now shipped as "Hunt Ready Sharp"

Weight: 185 Grain Single Bevel Broad Head

Size: 1 1/2"X 2 5/8"


  • Hunt Ready Sharp
  • Cut On Contact Tanto Tip
  • 25 Deg Bevel
  • .072 Thick Blade
  • Cryogenic Treatment  
  • 1075 Cutlery Grade High Carbon Steel Blade
  • 52 Rockwell Hardness
  • Teflon-Molly Baked On Coating
  • Resistance Welded and Copper Brazed
  • Ferrule Is CNC Machined From Solid Bar Stock
  • Trailing Edge Bevel Resists Arrow Backing Out Of Wound Channel
  • 25 Deg Bevel Creates Ferrule Clearance For Sharpening
  • Single Bevel Compounds The Arrows Rotation Upon Penetration For Better Bone Splitting
  • “S” Cut Creates A Larger Wound Channel
  • Positive Lead Cutting For The Most Efficient Use Of Energy Available
  • Rotation Eliminates Friction On One Side Of Blade Increasing Penetration
  • Use In Conjunction with Tapered Adaptors to Achieve Weights From 220 To 300 Grains
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Price: $60.00 + S&H - 3 Pack

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Made in the USA

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