Successful Antelope Hunt

Here is Dr. Bill J. VanBuskirk with a nice antelope he took with an Abowyer broadhead. The animal went a very short distance before expiring.



Here is Tonya Newman with a nice buck antelope. Congrats on the successful hunt!

Ed Pylman with a mature 72" Wyoming antelope he took with his Abowyer Bonehead. Congratulations on your trophy antelope!

Couple Nice Wyoming Bucks

Here is Dan and Ginger Brockman with two nice Wyoming bucks. Dan took his with a 66# ACS bow and Abowyer broadhead. Gingers buck was taken with a 45# RER recurve and a 215 grain Abowyer broadhead. She Made a 22 yard shot that hit centering both lungs. Congratulations to the both of you and nice shooting!