North Dakota Buck

Sean forthun sent us a picture of this beautiful North Dakota 10 point buck. Sean got a complete pass through on this deer and it ran only 50 yards before it turned, looked back, and fell over. He took this deer with a 2 piece ACS bow and an Abowyer Broadhead.

Todd's Buck

Here is Todd Zolkosky with a nice buck he shot at 15 yards quartering. Todd was using a Toelke Super D longbow 55@30, 31" FMJ 400 and 200 grain Abowyer Bonehead. The arrow went through his left lung and penetrated the heart. The deer dropped where he stood for a zero yard recovery! Nice shooting Todd and keep the pictures coming.

Kevin's Buck

Here is Kevin Weiss from Ohio with a very nice buck he took with an Abowyer Broadhead. Kevin was shooting a 56# @28" Robertson Primal Styk bow, a 175 grain Abowyer Brown Bear broadhead, and was using a 31" Douglas Fir arrow to get a total arrow weight of 610 grains. Nice shooting Kevin!

Here is Zack Knick from Greenville OH. Here is what Zack has to say about his hunt taking this nice doe.

"I took this doe last year with my  55# predator recurve and a 145gr Abowyer Bonehead and traditional only shaft. I used other broadheads when I first started hunting with traditional equipment. Then I bought 6 abowyer boneheads and I don't plan on switching to any other broadhead. Can't wait to use them again this fall!"


Ohio Doe Down

Phil's Buck

Here is a buck Phil took using his #58 Black Widow PMA with an Abowyer Brown Bear broadhead. Well done Phil!

Wisconsin Buck

Here is Jerry Karbon with another buck he took with his Abowyer Wapiti broadhead and his A&H archery 64" 50 pound 3 peice longbow

Odd Mule Deer

Here is Calbert Martinez with one odd looking mule deer. Calbert made an impressive 70 yard shot to take this one home and had a complete pass through with his Abowyer broadheads. Very cool trophy Calber

Here is Bryan George with a big buck we watched grow up for 3 years. Well looks like Bryan decided this year was time and harvested this great trophy. Bryan was using his 56" Zipper SXT, 51 lbs bow, 300 Abowyer wapiti broadheads on Easton Full Metal Jacket 500's, and his Ambush Saddle. Congrats on another great buck!

Nice Buck

First Buck With Longbow

Here is Jean Pierre with his first buck with a longbow. He took this deer with his A&H ACS longbow and Abowyer broadheads. Nice work Jean Pierre

Will Cocke with 3 nice bucks that he has taken this year. The top buck was taken with a Abowyer wapiti and the other two bucks were taken with a Abowyer large bonehead. Nice shooting on three nice looking bucks.

Successful Mule Deer Hunt

Here is Allen Palic with a very nice mule deer he took with an Abowyer Bonehead. The lower picture is a view of what the Bonehead did to the exit side shoulder. Congratulations on your great deer

Three Great Bucks In One Year

Here is Bill Vanbuskirk with a great looking coues deer on the last day of his Arizona hunt. This buck ended up scoring 99 1/8 inches. He shot it with his own Ghostmaker longbow and was using a Abowyer brown bear with a 100 grain adapter. Congratulations on the great buck

Coues Deer

Sebastian Fester took this buck with a 130 grain Abowyer broadhead. Sabastian states:

"The shot was about 30-35 yards between trees and the arrow went clean through him! After dressing him, I also found the arrow had cut through two ribs, once on entry and again on exiting. I do not believe any other broadhead could have done that at such a distance! He also did not get far before expiring. I want to thank you for making such a great product; if I ever get the chance, I will try them out for myself in Africa!"

First Buck!

Here is Jerry Johnson with two nice bucks. The top one was taken in Illinois and the Bottom was in Pennsylvania. Both bucks were shot with an Abowyer broadhead and an ACS A & H Archery longbow. Another interesting detail is Jerry Shoots both left and right handed. The Illinois buck was shot right handed and the Pennsylvania buck was shot left handed. Nice work on two great deer Jerry

Illinois and Pennsylvania Bucks

Big Michigan Buck

Daniel Bergsma took this nice Michigan buck with an Abowyer bonehead lite. He shot it at 35 yards and the deer only traveled about 60 yards before quickly expiring within sight. Congratulations on an excellent deer Daniel.

Successful Wisconsin Hunt

Here is Jerry Karbon with a nice ten point buck he took in Northwest Wisconsin. Jerry was using an Abowyer wapiti and his 64" 52# ACS longbow. The arrow was a Sweetland 625 grain compressed cedar shafts. Nice work on a great deer Jerry.

Colorado Mule Deer

Here is Josh Martin from southwest Colorado right where he took this nice mule deer. Josh used an Abowyer 175 grain brown bear out of his ghost maker longbow built by good friend Bill Vanbuskirk. Bill was also there with Josh to share the experience of his first traditional harvest. Congratulations on the excellent deer and your first traditional harvest

Illinois Eight Point

Here is Tony Gucciardo with another really nice Illinois buck. Tony was using an 130 grain Abowyer to take this trophy

Michigan Buck

Here is Dan Palma with his buck he took in Woodville Michigan. Dan was using his homemade 62" recurve bow with a large bonehead that had a 75 grain adapter installed. The arrow that was used was a Gold Tip 55/75 which made Dan's total arrow weight about 550 grains. Nice work Dan

Iowa Bucks

Here is Ed Pylman with two very nice Iowa bucks. Ed was using an Abowyer Bonehead for both deer. Ed states, "I have not lost an animal since I have been shooting your heads. Thanks for making such an awesome head.!!" Well thank you Ed and congratulations on yet another couple of excellent deer.

Michigan Six

Cody Bos with a nice Michigan six point taken on his fathers land in Ravenna Michigan. This buck was taken with a 120 grain Abowyer bonehead lite with 25 grain adapter on a Gold Tip 5575 for a total arrow weight of 420 grains.

Antler-less Deer

Scott Vrtiska with a nice antler-less deer taken with an Abowyer brown bear. The brown bear cracked squarely through the leg-bone and penetrated directly into the center of the heart.

15 Point Buck

Here is Tony Gucciardo’s excellent non-typical 15 point southern Illinois buck. Tony shot this big buck with a 130 grain Abowyer and a 30 grain screw in adapter.

Nice Buck

Here is Kris H with a nice buck taken with an Abowyer broadhead

Big Iowa Buck

Here is Kurt Huizinga with another big Iowa Buck. Kurt took this big deer with an Abowyer bonehead.

Pennsylvania Antler-less

Here is Jean-Pierre with a big Pennsylvania doe. He used a Abowyer Brown Bear on a whispering winds shaft weighing 583 grns and Hoots longbow that is 49# at 28”. Great shooting Jean-Pierre!

North Carolina Buck

Don Batten with another buck taken with an Abowyer brown bear. Deer only traveled 60 yards before expiring.

Another Buck

Here is Bryan George with yet another nice buck taken with an Abowyer broadhead

Huge Maryland Buck!

Here is Rob Davis with a 205 lb field dressed Maryland buck. Rob used the Large Bonehead and a Predator bow to take down this huge buck.

Ed Pylman with a nice Iowa buck taken with a Abowyer Bonehead

Nine Iowa Buck

Tracy Dunn from Zipper bows with two does and one buck all shot in her FIRST traditional bow hunting season with and Abowyer brown bear.

First Season Success

Nine Point Buck

Bryan George took yet another excellent deer this year. He really put his Abowyer broadhead to good use on this large nine point buck. He also shot it out of his own homemade ground blind. Nice shooting Bryan. Keep it up!

West Virginia Deer

Bryan George took this nice West Virginia deer with a 250 grain wapiti broadhead and a zipper bow. Way to go Bryan!

New York Buck

Bob Brown took this excellent New York buck with an Abowyer brown bear.

Tracy Dunn with a nice antlerless deer taken with her 39# zipper bow and an Abowyer brown bear that got a full passthrough.

Minnesota Deer

Don Batten with his big North Carolina buck taken with an Abowyer brown bear. Don was shooting a 42lb ACS bow and achieved a total pass-through. This deer only traveled 27 yards before expiring. This makes the fourth deer and one big boar using the same broadhead for Don. Nice shooting and keep it up!

North Carolina Buck

Todd Zolkosky

Elijah ViCent 

Paul Forward

Greg Gravois