Oregon Bull Elk Success

Brad Robbins sent us a picture of this amazing 2016 Oregon Bull Elk that he took down with an Abowyer Broadhead!

Here is Allen Palic with two elk he took with custom ground Abower Boneheads.

Here is a nice cow elk Mike Yancy took with an Abowyer Brown Bear broadhead on the end of a Wilderness Custom arrow. Mike found both lungs and arrow was a full pass through. Nice shooting Mike, congratulations!

New Mexico Elk

Palic Takes Two

Colorado Bull

Here is Joel Turner with a bull he took during a 5 day bivy hunt back in some tough country. Joel took this bull with his A&H Archery ACS  long bowand Abowyer Wapiti.

Joel Says: "He went about 20 yards and fell over, the Abowyer had cut off the top of his heart, smoked both lungs and lodged in the far shoulder.  All of the equipment performed flawlessly in the back-country.  I have yet to have a bull go over 20 yards when struck with the Abowyer Brown Bear!!!!!"

Nice work Joel, Keep them coming!

Bryans Bull

Here is a Nice Bull Shoy by Bryan Hathaway with his ACS Bows and Abowyer Wapiti Broadhead

First Bow Elk

Matt Peterson with his first bow elk. Matt writes

"I want to thank ABOWYER BROAD HEADS for making this hunt possible. I don't think without the setup I had that I would have recovered my first elk taken with a bow. I took this bull with a ABOWYER BROWN BEAR. This head is amazing. As you can see in the picture the shot placement was not perfect thanks to hitting a small twig. The shot went right throughout the thickest part of the shoulder blade and it went through the other shoulder blade and was sticking out the opposite side. Truly amazing. I had this same hit on the first ever elk hunt I went one 8 years ago and only got 1 inch of penetration. Needless to say I never recovered the elk. This will be my new setup for some time. I used to think that speed kills. Boy was I mistaken. Weight in your broad head and arrow makes the kill. This bull went 70 yards and expired. With an amazing blood trail. My hunting buddy that was hunting with me on this trip made a trade with me for 6 of these heads and paid for all the gas on our trip. I made him a believer. Thanks ABOWYER BROAD HEADS for making this hunt a success." 

Thanks for the kind words Matt. We are certainly glad to be a part of the memory of your first bow elk.

Nice Bull

Here is Russell Thornberry with his elk. Russell writes:

"Thought you might like to see the bull elk I shot this season with your fine 175-grain, single bevel broadhead, shot from my home-made, 46-pound-pull, sinew-backed Osage longbow. Shot completely through him. Clipped a rib going in, took both lungs and the top of his heart.

He went 15 yards and dropped in his tracks. Thank you for your part in my success."

Thanks Russell and congrats on a great trophy!

Here is Chris Wison with his Elk he took with his Abowyer broadheads. Nice work Chris.

Nice Bull

Calbert Martinez with a nice looking New Mexico Elk. This bull ended up coming within ten yards and presented Calbert with a shot. Calbert took the shot, complete pass-through, and this bull traveled a short distance before expiring. Congrats on your successful hunt

New Mexico Bull

Here is Alan Palic with his bull he took in Wyoming. He took this bull with his custom ground Abowyer broadheads.

Wyoming Elk Hunt

Here is championship elk caller Joel Turner with his Washington Roosevelt Bull. He took this nice bull with his longbow and his Abowyer broadheads at 15 yards. Nice work Joel!

Roosevelt Bull

Bjorn Ahlblad shot this Utah Cow Elk at less than 3 yards-she stopped momentarily on the other side of a bush he was using for cover. His Elk set up is a 64" ACS CX with cedar arrows and Abowyer Brown Bears. The Elk never stood a chance; the broadhead went right through the heart and she was down in 25 yards

Utah Cow

Adam Ahlblad took this beautiful Bull Elk in the Cache Valley Utah using his 64" 50# ACS CX and Abowyer Brown Bear broadheads and Douglas Fir Arrows. The 18 yard shot cleanly penetrated both lungs and the Bull went about 35 yards and left a great blood trail

Cache Valley Elk

Here is Phil Hiestand with a bull that he took on his first ever elk hunt in Wyoming. Phil was using a 145 grain Abowyer bone head with a 100 grain adapter to have a total head weight of about 250 grains. The arrow was a Carbon Express Maxima 350 and it was shot out of a Bowtech Destroyer. The elk only traveled about 40 yards before collapsing. Congrats on your first elk Phil

First Elk!

Wyoming Cow

Larry Hanify with a nice Wyoming cow taken with a 145 grain Abowyer bonehead with a 100 grain screw in adapter for a broadhead weight of 250 grains. The arrow used was a 340 full metal jacket so combined broadhead arrow weight was about 620 grains. The arrow broke ribs on the entrance and broke the ribs and scapula on the exit. The elk only traveled 20 yards before expiring. Now the real work after the shot begins

Here is Adrian Farmer with a big 6 x 6 elk he took with an Abowyer brown bear and a total arrow weight of 665 grains which worked great as he achieved a complete pass-through breaking ribs on entry and exit. This big elk only traveled thirty yards before quickly expiring

6 x 6 Elk

Here is Brent Hahn with his Wyoming elk taken with a screw in stainless 260 grain brown bear. He shot this elk at about 30 yards. Nice shooting Brent

Wyoming Elk

New Mexico Elk

Allen Palic
Flora Vista, New Mexico

Allen Palic with his trophy New Mexico elk taken with a Abowyer Bonehead

Brian Dech
Coopersville, MI

Brian with his 6x6 Wyoming Elk, which he took using the 130gr. Abowyer Broadhead.

6 X 6 Wyoming Elk

6 X 6 Wyoming Elk

Larry Hanify
Marne, Michigan

Larry with his 6x6 Wyoming Elk that he took with a 125 Abowyer Broadhead.

Wyoming Bull Elk

Curt Huizinga
Grand Rapids, MI

Curt with a nice Wyoming bull elk. He bagged it with a Wheeler Bow and Abowyer 135 Broadhead

Colorado Cow Elk

John Todd
Sand Lake, Michigan

John with his Colorado Cow Elk taken with a 135 Abowyer Broadhead.

Colorado Cow Elk

Sean Hanify and Larry Hanify
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sean with his Colorado Cow Elk taken with a 135 Abowyer Broadhead and A&H ACS BOW

David Rodgers 

Joe Klink 

''To make a long story short, I ended up calling in a weary spike bull to 30 yards broadside. Im pretty sure he knew I was there but still uncertain to what I was. Had he known that he would have ''bolted'' much sooner than he did. I had already pulled back when he came out from behind a tree, broadside. I loosed the arrow and I am certain had he not jumped the string, the arrow would have struck right behind the shoulder where I was looking. However he really jumped the string and by the time the arrow arrived at the spot I picked, he was already facing 90 degrees away and his belly was practically dragging on the ground as he tried to gain some footing to launch. but launch he did not, for the arrow struck him directly into the center of the vertebrae that attched to the skull. Once the arrow stuck him, he folded up instantly and crashed to the ground without moving. I ran up to him and immediatley sent an arrow behind his elbow taking out both lungs and heart, which I believe I successfully accomplished. The bull expired in less than 30 seconds