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Muskox & Bison Trophy Page


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Here is Bill Dunn from Zipper bows with a bison he took with an Abowyer Brown Bear and one of his Zipper 3 piece take down longbows. Congrats Bill on such an interesting animal


Kodiak Island Bison

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Here is Phil Neuberger with a Kodiak Island Bison he took in August 2014. After processing this thing gave him 550# of meat! He used Abowyer Brown Bear broadheads, Grizzly Stick Alaskan arrows, and a Black Widow PMA 58#. We made a nice 20 double lung shot. 


Greenland Muskox

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Here is Mike Windermuller with a beautiful Greenland muskox he harvested in July 2015. Mike was using a Abowyer Bonehead mounted on an Easton FMJ arrow. The bow Mike was using was a 50# Schafer recurve. Congratulations Mike on the incredible trophy.