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Abowyer Damascus Broadheads

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We have made a small limited amount of Abowyer Damascus Brown Bear Broadheads! They are available in a trade point model or in the standard glue on model.


Just like our standard glue on broadheads these Damascus heads can be used with broadhead adapters to make them a screw on head.


Glue On Price: $53 Each (These are sold separately)

Currently Wait-Listed. Please Call

The picture above shows how the Damascus Brown Bear compliments the classic look of the wood arrows

There are also some Damascus trade points available


 Trade Point Price: $43 Each (These are sold separately)
Comes with 4ft. of artificial sinew

Currently Wait-Listed. Please Call

Material Details:

This is a 1080 carbon and nickel Damascus that is American made in Idaho.


Please give us a call with any questions you may have or if you would like to purchase.