Congratulation to Kevin Dill for shooting the beautiful Alaska moose on a solo hunt. "2016 Alaska bull taken on 15 day solo hunt. Killed with a 64 pound longbow and Abowyer Wapiti Head. One shot at 4 feet... right.... 4 feet. Went down after covering only 60 yards" -Kevin Dill

Here is Ed Pylman with a nice moose he took in Alberta. Ed was using the 145 grain Abowyer Bonehead. Ed shot the moose at 22 yards and was able to get a complete pass through. Well done Ed! Congrats on the trophy.

Successful Alberta Moose Hunt

Alaska Moose

Here is Russ Tye with a excellent moose he took in Alberta. Russ was using 3 Rivers Traditional Carbon Arrows with 100 grain brass inserts. The broadhead was a 175 grain Abowyer Brown Bear with a 50 grain titanium adapter. His total arrow weight was 690 grains with 20% weight forward! The bow used was a 60lb Cari-Bow Peregrine by Abe Penner.

Alberta Moose

Here is Tom Vanasche with a very nice Yukon moose he took with an Abowyer Wapiti. Great work Tom!

Yukon Moose

Kevin Dill with his Alaska Moose his took with an Abowyer Wapiti, and Cari-Bow longbow. Kevin said on this bull he achieved complete penetration and the arrow kept on flying.

Alaska Moose

Ed Plyman