Technical Details: 

Made of 6061 aluminum
304 stainless steel hook material 
Adjustable to be used left or right handed
Lime green reflective para-cord used for lanyard
Durable rubber O-rings to make sure when in storage position there is no risk of puncture inside the pack
Some Common Uses And Why To Use It:
Very helpful when boning out game in the field
It allows you to keep your hand away from the knife blade at all times
Effective when used to pull hide back when skinning game 
Makes picking up large/heavy pieces of meat much easier
Can be used as a easy game drag
Also can be used as a fish gaff
 Price: $44.95



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Abowyer pack hook makes it easy to carry large portions of meat

Abowyer Pack Hook has a O-Ring that keeps it locked open

Abowyer Pack Hook has a O-Ring to keep the hook down when in storage 

Abowyer Pack Hook holds hide allowing hand to stay away from the blade

Made in the USA

Customer Review

Testimonial for pack hook. I have used the Abowyer pack hook on several elk. Hunting alone there is no helping hand to pull back the hide or a quarter. The pack hook makes the in-field processing much easier since effort can be concentrated on pulling, rather than gripping unweildy hide or quarters. A big deal for the solo hunter. The processing also goes faster and with better results, since effort can be focused on making quality cuts instead of just getting the job done. Great product. Highly recommend. - Joshua Gallant