''To make a long story short, I ended up calling in a weary spike bull to 30 yards broadside. Im pretty sure he knew I was there but still uncertain to what I was. Had he known that he would have ''bolted'' much sooner than he did. I had already pulled back when he came out from behind a tree, broadside. I loosed the arrow and I am certain had he not jumped the string, the arrow would have struck right behind the shoulder where I was looking. However he really jumped the string and by the time the arrow arrived at the spot I picked, he was already facing 90 degrees away and his belly was practically dragging on the ground as he tried to gain some footing to launch. but launch he did not, for the arrow struck him directly into the center of the vertebrae that attched to the skull. Once the arrow stuck him, he folded up instantly and crashed to the ground without moving. I ran up to him and immediatley sent an arrow behind his elbow taking out both lungs and heart, which I believe I successfully accomplished. The bull expired in less than 30 seconds

Joe Klink Testimony