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Abowyer Trophy Hogs

Successful Pig Hunt

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Here is Derrek Herring with his first game taken with an Abowyer broadhead. Derrek was using a Abowyer brown bear with a 125 steel adapter to get a total head weight of 300 grains. He got a complete pass-through and the animal only went 20 yards before expiring. Congratulations on the successful hunt

Another Successful Hog Hunt

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Here is Pat Byrne with another Texas Pig he took with an Abowyer wapiti and his ACS longbow. This pig went a very short distance before quickly expiring. Congratulations on yet another successful hunt Pat.

Texas Hog

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Pat Byrne with a Texas pig that was taken with a 45# @28" ACS longbow. He was using Beman Realtree Axis 500 arrows with Abowyer wapitis.

Texas Pig

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Here is Ray Gutierrez with a nice Texas pig he shot with a 200 grain Abowyer brown bear. Ray ended up getting a complete pass though that entered through the right shoulder. Great shooting Ray

Texas Trophy Hog

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Paul was using a Abowyer Wapiti broadhead and his A & H bow to take this Texas trophy hog.

Georgia Hog

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Terry Green shot this big hog with a 210 grain Large Bone Head broad head.

Florida Hog

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Doug Brower
Jenison,  MI

Doug brought down this Florida Hog with an Abowyer 130gr broadhead.