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Abowyer Trophy Moose

Alaska Moose

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Congratulation to Kevin Dill for shooting the beautiful Alaska moose on a solo hunt. "2016 Alaska bull taken on 15 day solo hunt. Killed with a 64 pound longbow and Abowyer Wapiti Head. One shot at 4 feet... right.... 4 feet. Went down after covering only 60 yards" -Kevin Dill

Successful Alberta Moose Hunt

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Here is Ed Pylman with a nice moose he took in Alberta. Ed was using the 145 grain Abowyer Bonehead. Ed shot the moose at 22 yards and was able to get a complete pass through. Well done Ed! Congrats on the trophy.

Alberta Moose

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Here is Russ Tye with a excellent moose he took in Alberta. Russ was using 3 Rivers Traditional Carbon Arrows with 100 grain brass inserts. The broadhead was a 175 grain Abowyer Brown Bear with a 50 grain titanium adapter. His total arrow weight was 690 grains with 20% weight forward! The bow used was a 60lb Cari-Bow Peregrine by Abe Penner. 

Yukon Moose

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Here is Tom Vanasche with a very nice Yukon moose he took with an Abowyer Wapiti. Great work Tom!

Alaska Moose

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Kevin Dill with his Alaska Moose his took with an Abowyer Wapiti, and Cari-Bow longbow. Kevin said on this bull he achieved complete penetration and the arrow kept on flying.

Alberta Moose

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Here is Joel Turner with his Alberta Moose he took with his A&H acs longbow and Abowyer Broadheads. Congrats Joel

Ontario Moose

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Ronnie Ruebhausen writes " I killed this moose in Ontario with one of your brown bear broadheads.  I also killed a black bear and a whitetail this year with your broadheads.  I like them.  “ Ronnie was using a Fox High Sierra bow built by Ron King shooting at 56# @ 28". The arrow used was a carbon express heritage 250 with a 100 grain brass insert with the Abowyer brown bear. Congratulations on your trophy moose!

Manitoba Moose

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Here is Jean Paul Delorme with his Manitoba moose. Jean Paul took this moose with a 300 grain Abowyer brown bear. It was a 5 yard shot with a six yard recovery. Congratulations on the great moose Jean Paul.

Successful Moose Hunt

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Kevin Dill shot this trophy Alaska moose with his 64" Cari-bow that was 60lbs @28". He used an Abowyer Wapiti with a 75 grain adapter to get his total head weight up to 250 grains. This moose was shot at 18 yards and only traveled about 40 yards before expiring. Congratulations on a successful hunt!

Successful Moose Hunt

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I got my moose! I used:

Custom-made Longbow by "Bavarian Longbow", Teublitz, Bavaria, Germany 
66# at 30"

Self-made wooden larch-arrow, total weight with a 190 grs  Abowyer-Broadhead : 800 grs.

Shooting-distance:  16 meters

Guided hunt with "Moonlake Outfitters", Harro Obst, Atlin, B.C. 
During our hunt we saw several good bulls, and had prior to our success a very good chance at a similar-seized bull.

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