All broadheads are now shipped as "Hunt Ready Sharp"
Weight: Left Bevel Wapiti 175 Grain Single Bevel Broad Head

Material: Carbon

Size: 1 1/4"X 2 3/8"



Hunt Ready Sharp
Cut On Contact Tanto Tip
25 Deg Bevel
.072 Thick Blade
Cryogenic Treatment  
1075 Cutlery Grade High Carbon Steel Blade
52 Rockwell Hardness
Teflon-Molly Baked On Coating
Laser Welded
Ferrule Is CNC Machined From Solid Bar Stock
Trailing Edge Bevel Resists Arrow Backing Out Of Wound Channel
25 Deg Bevel Creates Ferrule Clearance For Sharpening
Single Bevel Compounds The Arrows Rotation Upon Penetration For Better Bone Splitting
ā€œSā€ Cut Creates A Larger Wound Channel
Positive Lead Cutting For The Most Efficient Use Of Energy Available
Rotation Eliminates Friction On One Side Of Blade Increasing Penetration
Use In Conjunction with Tapered Adaptors to Achieve Weights From 200 To 300 Grains
Lifetime Guarantee
Price: $70.00 + S&H - 3 Pack

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Made in The USA