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Not successful with the Billy.....but!

Friday, September 22, 2006 3:26 AM

Two days ago I returned from B.C. and I had no success with the Billy - trophywise. We saw some old Billys, but we couldn`t get close enough for a shot.

The hunt was very tough, physically as well as mentally. Rainy weather in the first 10 days and very cold winds from the glaciers as well as night frost sometimes gave us hard times, but my guide Darren and me had nevertheless a fine time hunting. 

The closest Billy I saw, was about ten meters, but it was a 4-year-young Billy and I decided not to shoot him. Darren succeeded in taking a very nice picture of that special "meeting".

On the 12th day, when we transferred our tent to another good looking place and were crossing a plateau high up near the glaciers, my guide Darren spotted a magnificent Caribou-Bull in the far distance. Because I had a Caribou-License, too, we didn`t hesitate and followed the bull immediately.

We found him again, bedded down and succeeded in closing in to 15 meters. Proceeding further was impossible, without spooking the animal. The only thing I could do was to wait, since the Caribou was still bedded down and all that I could see of the animal were the antlers.

One very long hour later, me standing barefoot in the icecold muddy water, the bull finally stood up and I could get a shot. I hit the bull to high and the broadhead hit the spine. The animal immediately crashed down, working frantically with the front legs, the hind legs were paralyzed.

Quickly I closed the gap to the Caribou and finished it off- to my own surprise the swampy ground seemed not be as cold as it had been before!

The Abowyer-170 grs. broadheads - the tip I had changed to an "Ashby-Tanto-Tip" -  performed perfect. We could hardly remove the first broadhead  from the spine, the broadhead is nearly undamaged, only one edge is a bit "serrated" now, but it would be no problem to resharpen it easily.

Good hunting,


I got my moose!

I used:

Bow:    Custom-made Longbow by "Bavarian Longbow", Teublitz, Bavaria, Germany 66# at 30"

Arrow:  Selfmade wooden larch-arrow, total weight with a 190 grs  Abowyer-Broadhead : 800 grs.

Shooting-distance:  16 meters

Area:   Guided hunt with "Moonlake Outfitters", Harro Obst, Atlin, B.C.

During our hunt we saw several good bulls, and had prior to our success a very good chance at a similar-seized bull. Excellent area, very good equipped outfit. 

Guide: Darren Keizer, a bowhunter, too.  Highly recommended. First rate guide, hunted with him  before and will hunt with him next year again.

Broadhead-performance:  EXCELLENT!!!

Broadhead cut a rib, went trough both lungs, passed between two ribs on the opposite side and stopped in the shoulder blade. Immediately after the shot, blood was coming out of the entrance
wound in very large quantities. 

The Bull went 10 meters and went down. A second bull, that was coming in, made the bull get up again and walk another 80 meters. Then he collapsed and died.

On his way to his "final destination" the bull was bleeding profusely and created a real blood-trail!

The recovered broadhead is still sharp and in very good shape. It will be no problem to get it razor sharp again for further use.

Best regards,


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The cold was worth it!
Facing off with a Billy.

Equipment Used:

Bow: Take-Down-Longbow from "Bavarian Longbow" - 71# at 30"

Arrows: Grizzlystiks Alaskan, total arrowweight 700 grs.

Broadhead: 170 grs. Abowyer of course!

Outfitter: Moonlake Outfitters, Atlin, B.C.